Location Games

Tour Description:

This project is a gamification sample where you need to find and target members of the other team. But careful, you can be hit too, and if your health suffers too much, you’ll risk a “Game Over”. The tour is based on a 360º video and “Count to Score” actions. It has two parallel scores: One for the target you hit, and one for your health which decreases with hits you’re taking.

This tour was recorded with an Insta 360 Pro camera. Initially, a first 360 photo was taken to use as a base panorama, and later, without moving the camera position, different video scenes were recorded with the “enemies” moving and shooting. The different videos were then cropped and inserted into the panorama as separate video hotspots. These videos are played at specific times by means of a timer, and after a few seconds (when the enemy shoots) they activate an action to “subtract” life and show the bloodstain unless they are shot before (which makes stop the video, makes it disappear, adds points to the score and displays the animation of “+25”).

The skin has been designed recreating the aesthetics of war videogames and showing in real time (through the use of variables) the enemies killed, the points obtained, the time remaining and the life bar. There is also a small map that shows where you are in relation to your enemies.

It’s a great example of how virtual tours can offer us new gaming experiences that are interactive and immersive

Our Prices for Location  Games With Music (Hosting if needed)

 #  Style Basic Price First Minute Price/Additional minute
 1 Location  Shoot, + Games Element   AED 350  AED 200
 2 3D Environment, + Games Element  AED 1000  AED 500