Tour Description:

This virtual tour for medical training is an innovative approach that uses interlinked panoramas and 360ยบ videos to provide an engaging and effective learning experience. Through “Count to Score” actions, users are asked to detect hazards, while “Question Card” actions require them to respond to questions and protocol matters. The tour is designed in the form of a game to make it more entertaining and motivating for learners to improve their score. The tour can be accessed on mobile devices with an interface adapted for optimal viewing.

The virtual tour offers contextualized questions with multimedia content (photos, videos, pdfs, 3D objects, etc.) to teach protocol failures. The tour also includes a progress tracker and a summary of the user’s score at the end of the training. The content has been translated into Spanish, and users can repeat the training to improve their performance. The tour’s material was captured with Insta 360 Pro and DSLR cameras, allowing users to experience a real operating room and improve their knowledge and skills in a fun and interactive way. This new form of training harnesses the interactive and multimedia possibilities of virtual tours to provide a more attractive and effective learning experience.