Tour Description:

This tour is a demo of e-learning applied to the construction sector. It has been created to be able to exemplify the main characteristics of the use of e-learning within the program, and to see how the actions, questions, skin with score, etc. have been constructed. So 3DVista users can download the project, open it in the program and see all its components to understand how it has been done. It can also be used as a basis for future tours, modifying the content, instead of starting from scratch.

The tour places us at the top of a building under construction, and assuming the role of a worker or security officer, our mission is to find flaws in security protocols or answer questions about issues related to the environment.

Depending on the “hidden dangers” found, and the validity of the answers to the questions raised, we will add points until we reach our final grade. A way to test knowledge and observation skills in a real environment.

The actions of finding hidden elements also display others in which information screens, popup images, etc. are shown. and the question cards are accompanied by multimedia material such as photos or videos. Thus, showing different applications and possible uses for this type of project.

The skin is designed to show the user at all times their progress and current score, as well as the time remaining to finish the training. There are also custom windows to report on the dynamics of the exercise, and also notices when time is running out.

If you liked it, download the project file and learn how to use all the features that e-learning based tours can offer.